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The Great Ocean Road, built by soldiers in the 1920s is the world's largest war memorial, dedicated to those who died in WWI. The road winds along the coast between the towns of Torquay and Allansford. The most notable landmarks are the 12 Apostles Lime stone stacks.

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Bells Beach to Apollo Bay

Follow the Great Ocean Road as it winds from Bell's Beach to Apollo Bay

Bell's Beach

Bells Beach to Apollo Bay

One of the promising attractions in Great Ocean Road is Bells Beach.

Very popular among experienced surfers, Bells beach features glorious blue waters and fine sand but not only that; its cliffs are also magnificent and complete the irresistible scenery. Bells Beach is near Torquay on the southern coast of Victoria.

It is not that hard to find as signs are already provided along Bells Boulevard. Aside from these, the beach is also great for fishing especially during low-tide and for sight-seeing.

Surfing enthusiasts might also find it interesting that the Rip Curl Pro happens here every April where professional surfers compete for the prestigious title.

Along Ocean Road

Bells Beach to Apollo Bay

As you move along Great Ocean Road, many other formations and beaches would come into view.

The general scene along the Ocean Road might be homogeneous at first but as you visit each one, it would be known to you that they are unique in their own ways. The drive itself along the Great Ocean Road is a beauty. Be mesmerized by your closeness to the ocean as you try to reach your destination.

Listen to the crashing waves and feel the lovely breeze. You might not want to blink for a moment while you traverse this great road. The cliffs and the foliage also add to the mood.

This is truly an experience that will bring you close to nature.

Apollo Bay

Bells Beach to Apollo Bay

The bay offers a cozy shelter for the visitors of the Great Ocean Road.

The village provides a scenic view of the sea and the calming life of the town’s people. From here, people can watch the fishermen come and go as well as enjoy their tasty catch for the day at a local restaurant. It is also a good vantage point if you have plans to explore the forest or appreciate the beauty of the Otway Ranges.

Apollo Bay is pretty near several attractions like Melba Gully where people can view the enchanting glow worms and also Lake Elizabeth where people can go look for the platypus. From here, you can also go take a stroll going to Kennett River where you can enjoy the view of Koalas clinging onto trees.

A quiet moment back at the bay overlooking the romantic sunset would be a good touch to a day full of memories.

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Limestone Stacks

The Great Ocean Road is famous for it's limestone cliffs and rock formations, giant sea stacks such as the Twelve Apostles and London Bridge.

Gibson Steps

Limestone Stacks

The Gibson Steps is a nearby attraction to the Twelve Apostles.

An array of cliffs guarding the walls of a lovely beach makes this part of Southern Australia a great place for sight-seeing. The Gibson Steps particularly refers to the staircase that will bring you down the wonderful stretch of beach.

Gibson Steps have been long here and were said to be carved by the old natives of the place, the Kirrae Whurrong. It was named after the man who took care of the stairs, Hugh Gibson. Down the beach, fishing could also be a delight while swimming is not that encouraged.

You could also view Gog and Magog at the Gibson Steps which are fascinating stacks of rocks.

Twelve Apostles

Limestone Stacks

Twelve Apostles is frequently visited by Australian and Over Seas travelers.

This natural site is a harmonious combination of a mélange of rocks like limestones, calcarenite, mudstone, and sandstone. A natural beauty for geology buffs one might say. Some of the towering limestone stacks rise up to sixty-five meters. Today, only eight of the apostles remain standing as nature has already reclaimed the others.

The site of the majestic cliffs and waves brushing the apostles form a photographic scene especially in the morning. The water itself is also home to many wonders. Here, you can find the Weedy Sea Dragon, little penguins, lobsters, abalone, sea urchins, Australian fur seals, and reef fish.

Moreover, this coast is also popularly dubbed as Shipwreck coast as it has sunk eighty vessels already in history.

Loch Ard Gorge

Limestone Stacks

Just like the others found along the Great Ocean Road, Loch Ard Gorge is also a natural beauty.

The rock formations of the cliffs that surround it and the stacks found in the area are just marvelous. It is a very photographic place where you can also enjoy geology walk, sight-seeing, cave exploration, and Mutton Bird watching.

The Mutton Birds frequent the place in the period of September to May. Moreover, the water that surrounds the place is dazzling and alluring. The site is also reminiscent of the survival of only two people from the shipwreck that happened in The Wreck of the Loch Ard.

It's irresistible beauty landed it as locations for some famous films like Journey to the Center of Earth and The Pirate Movie. All in all, you surely would not dare to miss this place.

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London Bridge - Bay of Islands

Continuing along the Ocean Road past the Apostles to the Arch, London Bridge and the Bay of Islands.

The Arch

London Bridge - Bay of Islands

West of Port Campbell, you will find The Arch.

This natural wonder is eight meters high. There is no access to the beach available at this part but there is a viewing platform where you can have a great time appreciating this fantastic gift of nature.

For the love of arch, waves, and geological rocks, visit this site and be inspired by the panoramic scene.

It is most dramatic during sunsets and rough seas where waves grudgingly crash to its alluring rocks.

London Bridge

London Bridge - Bay of Islands

This arch was naturally formed by erosion along Great Ocean Road in the Port Campbell National Park.

Hailed as one of the most interesting and striking of the natural rock formations in the national park. It stands majestically near the shore and the blue waters splashing against it completes this scenic picture.

The arch was formerly known as London Bridge as it previously formed a natural bridge which resembles the London Bridge. However, a part of it collapsed on 1990 so what now remains is the part with the arch.

Two platforms are available in the area where a perfect view of the arch could be accessed. The arch is just near 12 Apostles so it would be a nice stop to include in your itinerary.

The Grotto

London Bridge - Bay of Islands

The Grotto is a hidden gem in the area.

It is not that frequented by tourists which is actually an advantage so you could cherish the serenity of the place more. However, it would be great if people would include the Grotto in their itinerary more often. The place is undeservingly underrated for its priceless beauty. It is mysterious in its own way and has its way of making you come back for it.

The Grotto was a product of the formation of sinkholes in the limestone cliffs combined with receding cliff line.

The calm water compared to the aggressive waves of the ocean adds up to the serenity of the place.

Bay of Islands

London Bridge - Bay of Islands

This is a coastal park that could be found along the Great Ocean Road in the area of Peterborough, Victoria almost touching Warrnambool.

Viewing platforms are available where you can have the great experience of witnessing the natural beauty of the rock formations and grandiose cliffs. The place also witnessed a lot of shipwrecks which adds a little depth if you are familiar with them.

A beach can be accessed from here when the weather is right.

Bay of Islands is another serene place in the middle of a paradise Great Ocean Road is.

Bay of Islands Beach

London Bridge - Bay of Islands

Down the Bay of Islands, you can access a beach when the weather is good.

The sand is nice and fine while the water is blue-green and clean. A nice stroll could be comforting and a little dip in the water would do.

The beach is surrounded by sheer cliffs making you feel enclosed in your own sacred place.

The beach also has a be a scenic view especially during sunrise and sunset.

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