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Exemouth Town

Exemouth Town

Exmouth is a small town overlooking the sea at the point where the River Exe joins the English Channel hence the name Exmouth.

Along the water facing side of the town, a beach with soft sand and backed by dunes runs for nearly 3km.

The seaside looks South and west and gets a fair share of sunshine.

>Kite and wind surfing and other water sports are popular and keep the beach visitors occupied as they laze about watching the colourful sails.

The town is a good base for exploring the Jurassic Coast further to the east.


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Exemouth's Waterfront

Exemouth's Waterfront

Close to the town is a nature reserve close point which protects the over wintering and summer migratory birds.

The town proper just up a few streets form the sea has excellent range of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Because the town is located downstream from Exeter and off the main motorway it can be a quieter place with less through traffic.

From the Dock or Harbour small river craft bring tourist upstream and along the coast to Torquay , during the early summer to autumn the boats leave regularly throughout the day.

A ferry also operates across the bay.



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