Dublin Coast South Video Travel Guides


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1. Killiney - Dalkey

Killiney - Dalkey Image

Take a stroll around teh coastline between Kilkinney and Dalkey or enjoy the view from Killiney Hill..

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Killiney

2. Dalkey

Dalkey Image

Enjoy a stroll along the coast road as it opver looks Dublin Bay- Dalkey Island and Howth Head or stroll about the old village of Dalkey..

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Dalkey Island

3. Dún Laoghaire

Dún Laoghaire Image

Located on the water front, Dún Laoghaire has a long tradition with the sea. Today it is a ferry port, sailing centre and a thriving town..

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Dún Laoghaire

4. Sandycove

Sandycove Image

Follow in tthe footsteps of James Joyce or swim in the 40 foot ( if you are male ).

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Sandycove


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