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Delve into this rugged coastline from Lizard Head, along the coastal pathway, past the beautiful beaches at Kynance Cove and the picturesque harbour at Mullion Harbour. Further north there are a number of places of interest - Penzance a major town with a picturesque aspect. Mousehole - whose old harbour area is idyllic and Newport a large active fishing port.

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The Lizard

Explore Lizard Point, Lizard Village and some picturesque beaches and coves.

Lizard Point

The Lizard

The most southerly point known on mainland Great Britain is situated just about a km south of Lizard Village the point is called Lizard Point, though the Scilly Isles off the Cornish Coast are further south. Serpentine items, such as ornaments and pump handles are one though not the only thing of interest in the area.

The South West Coastal Path passes close by, and other walks along the cliffs and countryside are signposted. The area is renowned for its dramatic seascapes and for ancient woodland around the Helford River. Marconi undertook some early work locally when developing his first telecommunications system.

Lizard Village is the furthest village south in Britain. The local stone is Serpentine from which the small church has been built. The village has a large open green surrounded by café which can be very busy during high season.

Unfortunately, when the green becomes a crowded car park it takes away from the village atmosphere.

Though don’t complain too much as parking here is free, while at the lighthouse its pay car park.

The village is a good location to use as a base when exploring the small beaches and coves.

Lizard Lighthouse

The Lizard

The lighthouse at Lizard Point was built in 1752, though there was a beacon there as far back as the early 1600s.

The lighthouse is over 19 metres high with a visible range of about 50km, spreading out across the English Channel.

Within the lighthouse engine room, a heritage centre was opened in 2009, which tells the story and history of the lighthouse.

Within the south west there are stories of ship wreckers who deliberately led ships to the dangerous rocks by lighting beacons on the cliffs overlooking the channel.

Kynance Cove

The Lizard

Kynance Cove lies about 3km from Lizard Point.

The area is owned and managed by the National Trust, which also runs the small café.

Around the beach there are numerous caves, craggy holes and off shore islands, helping to make the beach one of the picturesque in Cornwall.

Mullion Harbour

The Lizard

About two km from the small village of Mullion lies Mullion Cove a small natural cove with an old stone harbour, built in the 1890s. The two massive sea walls protect the inner harbour from the ravages of the Atlantic. The harbour and area are owned and managed by the National Trust.

In it’s hay day or rather fishy days, the local fishermen thrived on the Pilchards found in shoals just off the coast.

An old pilchard cellar and net store are preserved. The granite blocked walls and slipways makes for a picturesque setting.

On a pleasant day it can be a relaxing place to just sit on the rocks along the harbour and let time pass by.

Polurrian Bay

The Lizard

Polurrian Bay lies just north along the coast from Kynance Cove.

The bay has some small sandy dunes, frequented by families for picnics.

On the cliff above the bay there is a hotel Polurrian Bay Hotel which can offer refreshments to weary travellers.

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Penwith Peninsula

The last stop before the open Atlantic.

Lands End

Penwith Peninsula

Land's End is the most westerly point in main land England, located about 13 km from Penzance.

The headland falls off to dramatic cliffs. The area has been developed as a tourist amenity.


Penwith Peninsula

Newlyn harbour is England's largest fishing port and most of the local economy is based around the port.

Pilchard fishing which was once a main stay of the port, fell into decline due to over fishing in the 20th century.

Now that stock levels have risen to sustainable levels, fishing has resumed.

Newlyn is the home to a number of celebrated artists.

Mouse Hole

Penwith Peninsula

It is said that spelling is not the strongest of skills in Cornwall as this the town of Mousehole is called Mowzle.

Apart from the name, the village is attractively located around a small harbour.

The village has a small fishing fleet which catch crab and lobster for local restaurants.

The village has a thriving artistic community.

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Landsend

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