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The Surfing mecca of the Atlantic. Biarritz, Hossegor and Mimizan are all home to some amazing beach breaks and regularly host competitions. That said, surfing is not the only pass time, with the town of Biarritz and others offering relaxing walkways and great food.

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Around Hossegor

Hossegor is a seaside town on the Atlantic Coast. In the immediate area, there are places worth visiting such as Capbreton and Vieux-Boucau.


Around Hossegor

Hossegor enjoys excellent surfing conditions and is regarded as one of Europe's top surfing locations

Hossegor lies north of Bayonne and has some excellent surf beaches. It competes with Biarritz for the title of Surf Capital. The trench ('le gouf') on the sea floor not far off the coast helps the waves develop into something at times described as incredible, with tubes forming on occasions.There are a number of surf schools in the area offering lessons for both the novice and experienced.In August the Rip Curl Pro world surfing championship is held here. The town is just off the beach and is attractive with its floral-clad villas. So if you aren't into surfing you could enjoy walking through the town. Many of the streets are decorated with flowers as the town competes for the flower capital of FrancJust off the town's main street is a park which enters onto a lake. The lake has a number of small sandy beaches along its shore. It's a great place to retreat to when tired of the sea waves or the sea beach is closed.You can find many of your holiday and fashion needs in the town though prices can vary considerably and are probably a lot higher than at your home. As the town caters for tourist there are many restaurants offering good food and fine wine. Along the beach front, you will find some cafe and fast food. At the southern end of the town, the river divides Hossegor from its neighbour Capbreton. Where the river and sea meet a natural harbour was formed. This is now a marina.

Hossegor Town

Around Hossegor

Hossegor town is up from the beach and has a good shopping area with bars and restaurants. Close to the town, there is a lake which is popular with families with young children as the water is calm in contrast to the sea.


Around Hossegor

Capbreton has the largest marina on the coast south of Bordeux. The town set off from the port, offers the visitor a relaxing visit.

Not to be confused with French Cape Breton in Canada, Capbreton is a seaside town just south of Hossegor. While along the same sea coast , it doesn't have the same long sandy beaches or waves as Hossegor. But the centre of the town is focused on its marina and canal. The area around the marina has many restaurants serving fresh seafood.When you tire of the beaches, there is a golf course only 8km away at Seignosse. There is a range of activities such as horse riding, biking, go-karting, tennis and crazy golf in the area. In the summer the local market is open every day except Sunday and Monday, in the low season, the market is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Vieux Boucau

Around Hossegor

Enjoy the towns many km of sandy beach or just relax by the townside lake.

Fronted by high sand dunes, adjacent to a lake, the town of Vieux Boucau is a popular holiday location. The town caters particularly well for the visitor, with its wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. Accommodation can be found locally though many stay in the campsites on the edge of the town, which are within a good walking distance from the town centre. The area around the lake is a recent development offering apartments to rent both long and short term.There is quite a number of restaurants along this strip overlooking the lake. Lake The lake is a landlocked sea lake, so its sheltered from the coastal waves. Activities such as canoeing, rowing and windsurfing are popular. Equipment can be hired locally. Sand Dunes Beyond the lake lie the sand dunes, rising maybe 15 metres. These dunes continue for miles along the coast, offering the walking a chance to get away into the quieter parts. Access to the beach on the seaside of the dunes has been made easy along wooden boardwalks. Surfing There are a number of surfing schools operating along the beach, providing lessons for the novice and renting equipment to the more experienced. The quality of the surf wouldn't be comparable with the beaches around Hossegor and Biarritz, though it can be an excellent place to learn.


Around Hossegor

The small town of Leon is a short distance north of Vieux Bocau and situated close to the aptly named Lac de Leon.

On the southern end of Etang de Leon ( one of the largest lakes in the Landais ) lies Leon. The town is a couple of km from the lake and offers the visitor accommodation and eateries. There are a number of camping sites along the lake shore, with adjacent activities such as sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, tennis and lots more.Along the lake shore, there are a number of restaurants though as some are remote its best to check opening times in advance.Leon has a lot to offer in the way of sports activities, tennis, mini golf, fishing, pedalos, wind surfing and sailing, with beaches at the edge of the lake. You can join a boat trip down the river Courant d'Huchet and follow its meanderings downstream till it reaches the sea at Moliets. The trip has various durations, depending on how far you want to go. But allow a minimum of two hours.

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At the northern end of the Landais Region lies the town of Mimizan. With easy access to the beach, the area has become a large tourist destination.



Mimizan offers the visitor miles of sandy beach and a large lake located close to the town. Mimizan is a family holiday destination, with many large campsites hidden among the pine trees and some close to the beach and lake. Mimizam sur Plage as the name suggests is on the beach, it is a beachside town, catering for surfing and beach needs, with accommodation and cafes.The town of Mimizan is further inland and is much quieter than the beach area. An unpleasant note about the town is its large paper factory converting tonnes of wood into pulp but leaving a smell wafting over the town. Outside the town and sufficiently far from the smell is a sizeable lake with both Municipal and Private camping sites along its shores.

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