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The Mullet is almost an island, separated from the mainland by a canal. The canal bridge connected to the mainland is approx. 20 metres long. Enjoy breathtaking views along the cliffs of the island. Enjoy relaxing walks along its beaches. Spend some time in the town of Belmullet just across on the mainland.

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Belmullet Town

The town which sits on the edge of the mainland is the gateway to the Mullet Peninsula. The area of natural beauty is in one of the remotest parts of Mayo, though the well developed town could be anywhere in Ireland.

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Belmullet Town Belmullet Town

Belmullet Town is separated from the Mullet by a short and narrow canal suitable for small boats to pass from Blacksod Bay to Broadhaven Bay.

The development of the town really only started in the 1820s, at which time a post office was established on the most westerly edge of the Erris and the first coast guard station was setup in the emerging town.

Belmullet sits as the gateway to the Mullet Peninsula an area of unspoilt natural beauty.

Belmullet Town

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Mullet Penisula (South)

The southern end of the Peninsula over looks Blacksod Bay and Achill Island. Interested in walking, sailing or just being in the wide open spaces, then the Mullet with it's amazing views is a great place to be.

Mullet South Mullet Penisula (South)

The Mullet Peninsula is about 32 km long and around 11 km wide though it narrows to less than 50 metres at its narrowest point.

The Peninsula and the tiny isthmus from Belmullet Town separates the great bays of Blacksod and Broadhaven.

The Southern end of the Peninsula over looks Achill Island.

Mullet South

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Mullet Peninsuala

The cliffs of the North Peninsula contrast with the beaches to the south. There are a number of well marked looped walks in the area.

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Mullet Cliffs Mullet Peninsuala

While the southern end of the Peninsula slopes gently down to sandy stony beaches, the north and east falls dramatically to the sea.

From the northern cliffs on a reasonable day there are great views across Blacksod Bay.

A number of excellent loop walking trails have been established along this coast line.

Sign-age at the trail heads give distances and difficulty of the walks.

Mullet Cliffs

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