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Yellow, Orange, Pastel painted villages nestling on rugged cliffs above the breaking sea waves, makes the Cinque Terre an idyllic setting and a must see location.

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Cinque Terre Villages

Cinque Terre, as its named suggests, has five villages namely Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore. It is filled with character and style. In fact, Cinque Terre is recognized as a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The villages of this town on a cliff are little and a tad close to each other. This makes the place navigable enough for you to just explore the five


Cinque Terre Villages

This is one of the most welcoming and warm villages you will find along the Riviera.

It is also the largest village among the five. Surrounded by stunning scenery of foliage and blue-green water, this coastal village is a must see. Monterosso has two main divisions, Fegina or the new town and the old town, landmarked by the medieval tower of Aurora.

The statue of the Giant is prominent in the new town while the ruins of the castle distinguish the old town.

In Monterosso, you will find the Church of San Giovanni Battista, San Francesco Church, Soviore Sanctuary, and many more. Going there in the third Saturday of May will give you an extra special experience by witnessing Sagra dei limoni or the Lemon Festival.


Cinque Terre Villages

If you are looking for rich character, this fishing village in Cinque Terre will definitely capture your heart.

Vernazza is even recognized as one of the most beautiful villages not just in the area but in the whole of Italy. The village houses a medieval castle called Belforte. This was built back in the middle of 15th century. Full of colors and charming architecture, it is fairly easy to fall in love to this place.

Here, you will also find the Church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia and the Tower of Doria Castle.

Being a port, Vernazza is surrounded by a dazzling blue sea that will surely captivate you every time you turn your head in this little village.


Cinque Terre Villages

This village lies in the middle of Cinque Terre that is why among the islands, this one has no access to the sea.

Rich in history and through the ages has been an agricultural village, Corniglia also has its own character which sets it aside from the other villages.

Vineyards and terraces embrace the place. Its architectural style is also charming and makes the place extra homey.

Explore this little village by foot and try to visit the Parish of San Pietro and the Oratory of Santa Caterina. Corniglia also has Lardarina, a footpath which connects it to the train station.


Cinque Terre Villages

What makes the village of Manarola unique is the ambiance. To many, Manarola is the most romantic among the five.

Located, 70 meters above sea level, this village offers a scenic view of the vast sea which surrounds Cinque Terre. The town itself is actually picturesque. The vibrant color of the houses and structures matched with the warm atmosphere make Manarola definitely worth visiting. You can visit here the Church of San Lorenzo.

Take a peek at the pyramid which also unique to the place. This pyramid serves as a guide for navigators.

The village is also close to Riomaggiore and you can traverse Via dell’Amore or Lover’s Lane to reach it. Everything about this place shouts romance.


Cinque Terre Villages

This village of Cinque Terre is often the one described as historic. It is also the southernmost one among the five.

Riomaggriore is popular for its wine and colorful stone houses. From here, you can have a wonderful view of the sea and have a romantic walk along Via dell’Amore which actually begins in this village. Believed to have originated in the 8th century, Riomaggiore is filled with history. Some historic sites which you can visit here are the Church of San Giovanni Battista, Church of San Lorenzo, and the Castle of Riomaggiore.

Look for the Sanctuary of Madonna de Montenero as well. There, you can savor the stunning view of the coastline of Cinque Terre.

Vernazza to Corniglia

Cinque Terre Villages

Ferries do not stop at Corniglia since the village does not have access to the sea.

Vernazza, on the other hand serves as a port. Corniglia is just next to Vernazza so from here you can traverse the pathway available or ride a local train to get there. The view while riding a ferry to Vernazza is just spectacular.

The pathway going to Corniglia provides a great vantage point as well. Explore while enjoying the calming and charming atmosphere.

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Levanto is about 20 km northwest of La Spezia, and is a great location for exploring the Cinque Terre.

Sea Front


Levanto lies along the Italian Riviera, providing close proximity to the sea. Here, you can enjoy its lengthy sandy beach perfect for its mild climate.

The water at Levanto is simply stunning. Bluish green with nice waves which also make it popular for surfing, Levanto’s sea front is definitely a must-see.

Aside from these, Levanto provides easy access to the villages of Cinque Terre via train, boat, or even foot.

Walkway to Bonassola


There’s a walkway at Levanto going to Bonassola beach. Bikers and walkers can both access this path.

A panoramic view allures you as you walk here. It is just a narrow walkway with a tunnel in a part of it, but allows you to savor the dazzling beauty of the sea and the cliffs of Levanto most especially during sundown.

You can watch the waves hit the shore, the boats calmly floating as they rest, and the sky as it changes.

The Town


The town of Levanto is absolutely charming. Pine trees, olive groves, vineyards, and medieval villages embrace the town.

Aside from the beautiful seafront, the character of its town, the people, and the colorful architecture, altogether make it a homey place. A lot of shops and restaurants could be found here. The alleys are definitely interesting so do not forget to stroll around and explore every corner.

You can also visit the medieval castle here, the Church of S. Andrea, Our Lord of the Coast, etc. The town has witnessed much from history and you will realize this as you explore around.

You can find 16 medieval villages surrounding this town. Levanto is definitely a place for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

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Porto Venere

Porto Venere lies south of the Cinque Terre and is a good holiday destination in its own right but also within easy ferry reach of the Five Lands.

The Harbour

Porto Venere

The harbour of Porto Venere is simply picturesque with the colorful houses lined up and the boats that rest along the port.

From the harbour or as you arrive at the port; you can enjoy the view of the cliffs, the stone ruins, as well as the charming architecture of Porto Venere.

The water is calm, while the breeze is definitely relaxing.

The Town

Porto Venere

The town of Porto Venere was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

The beauty of the town is simply breathtaking, making it hard for you not to fall in love with the place. Full of vibrant colors and in close proximity to the waters, Porto Venere provides an amazing atmosphere. It is also full of places to see, from an old castle to churches.

Explore the town and do not forget to stop by the Church of St. Peter, Church of St. Lawrence, the Doria Castle, the Arpaia Cave, and the Mills. This old and very historic town is said to have been witnessing history since the 1st century BC.

The Bay

Porto Venere

Take a stroll along the bay of Porto Venere and enjoy the view of the vast and calm sea.

From here, you can see the parked boats and ferries and those arriving and leaving. The bay is simply panoramic.

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Cinque Terre Ferry

The Cinque Terre is easily accessible by train and ferry, both of which allow hop on hop off at the villages.

Porto Venere to Vernazza

Cinque Terre Ferry

You can take a ferry going from Porto Venere to Vernazza.

The ride itself is completely wonderful. Imagine being surrounded by the islands and the majestic view. The price for travelling from Porto Venere to Vernazza is 25 Euros (roundtrip, weekdays) and 27 Euros (roundtrip, weekends and holidays).

The boat can stop in every Cinque Terre Village except for Corniglia as it has no access to the sea.

Seeing these colorful villages slowly come into view is such a spectacle.

Levanto to Monterosso

Cinque Terre Ferry

You can also take the ferry from Levanto going to Monterosso, one of the Cinque Terre villages.

A return ticket from Levanto would usually cost around 18 Euros. It is a fairly quick trip but just like the others the ride is completely worth it. The panoramic view would give you an exceptional ride.

An alternative is to take the train. The journey time is short and the train stops at all the other villages.

Monterosso to Vernazza

Cinque Terre Ferry

In exploring Cinque Terre, you can take a ferry in Monterosso going to Vernazza.

Enjoy your view of the Cinque Terre villages for that trip while being in close proximity to the sea.

A one-way ticket would usually cost 15 Euros.

Take note of the timetable of ferry trip.

Vernazza to Manarola

Cinque Terre Ferry

Travelling around the villages of Cinque Terre could be easily done by foot or train but if you love the sea and boat rides, you can always take a ferry.

This costs a bit more than just walking but the view would easily take your breath away. The ticket costs 15 Euros but an afternoon ticket is just 12.5 Euros.

Manarola to RioMagiore

Cinque Terre Ferry

Travelling from Manarola going to RioMagiore could also be done by foot but if you really prefer the calm company of the sea take note of the schedule of the ferries and take one going to the other. Enjoy the view and feeling of navigation. Ticket costs around 12.5-15 Euros.

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