Los Angeles Video Travel Guides


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1. Santa Monica

Santa Monica Image

Santa Monica with a population of just below a 100,000 is a sea side town or small city located in western Los Angeles. With it's pleasant all year round climate the city is popular with surfers, young professionals and students..

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2. Malibu

Malibu Image

Explore the beaches , pier, coves along Malibu's Pacific Caost Highway.

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3. Venice

Venice Image

Venice on the west side of Los Angeles is a beach front town, known for it's canals and 4km beach. The beach area is famous for performing arts, while the canal area not as large or impressive as Venice, Italy is much more peaceful and tranquil than the busy beach..

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4. Los Angles Port

Los Angles Port Image

The Port of Los Angles is a 43km stretch of waterfront about 23km south of the city. Not only is it the busiest container terminal in the world, but the San Pedro section below the Vincent Thomas Bridge is the biggest Crusie Terminal on the west coast..


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