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Port de Sóller Mountainous North Majorca Island

The town of Port de Sóller is wrapped around the crescent shaped harbour.

The town has a number of restaurants along the waterfront and up some of the smaller streets.

Along the western side of the harbour is a sandy beach, one of the few in the mountainous north.

The picturesque tram from Sóller town is popular with visitors as it winds its way down past small orange and lime groves.

The port town has a number of hotels.


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Sóller Harbour Majorca Island

Sóller Harbour nestled below the northern mountains is crescent shaped with a fairly narrow outlet to the Mediterranean.

From the harbour there are a number of ferry services offering seasonal trips, though the service to Sa Colobra is year round.

The harbour provides safe moorings for the small fishing boats and pleasure craft.


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Sóller Town Majorca Island

Formerly Sóller Town over the high mountain passes was difficult to access.

Today it's only a relatively short journey from Palma either by train which can be fun or a drive along the Ma 11 and through a tunnel which cuts under the mountain and you are soon in the town square.

Plaça Constitució is pretty much the town centre, the Plaça has a number of cafes which open out during the summer months utilising all available space in the square.

While sitting in one of the cafes don't be surprised to see the tram rumbling past as it heads from the train station down to the port.

The town hall and church of St Bartholomew both on the Plaça are worth a visit.


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Sa Calobra Majorca Island

The tiny beaches and coves of Sa Calobra make this a really beautiful spot for a relaxing afternoon, though you will have to share it with the thousands of visitors that come by ferry or tour bus.

An interesting way to get to the beach is by ferry from Soler -it takes about an hour and boats travel frequently during the summer.

Though a cheaper option is by local bus from Soler and sit back and enjoy the hair raising bends on the descent from the higher mountains.

Of course if you are driving a hire car you could try and tackle the steep road and hair pin bends, though be warned there isn't much parking at the cove.

Once you arrive, the beaches are relaxing - which beautiful clear water set against a mountain backdrop for swimming and for the more adventurous - diving.

A short distance from the man beach and through a tunnel is a second beach at the mouth of gorge. This gorge of Torrent de Pareis (Twin streams) is worth exploring.


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Sa Calobra Gorge Majorca Island

The gorge of Torrent de Pareis is accessible from Sa Calobra via the paved walkway and then through a series of rock carved tunnels.

The view as one exits the tunnels is amazing as you enter an wide open gorge backed by high mountains.

The gorge narrows again just as it opens out and enters the sea.

This beach area is popular for swimming and diving during the summer months when the river is practically dried up , with just a few disconnected ponds remaining.

Though in winter and early spring after heavy rain in the mountains the river becomes swollen and treacherous as it drags boulders and uprooted trees down from the high mountains.

Hiking the gorge in winter is extremely dangerous and in addition the river is prone to flash flooding.

Though in the dry summer months when the river has virtually disappeared one can hike quite a distance up the narrow gorge, though underfoot is rocky and craggy and best not attempted in sandals.


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Sa Calobra George Beach Majorca Island

Set at the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis Gorge, this beach due to its unusual location, in the gorge and the beauty of its surrounds is popular with tourists throughout the summer.

Though the pebbly, cobbly beach is remote and distant in every way from the more sandy beaches around the coast such as Alcudia.

Despite the mass of visitors, if you close your eyes, let your ears focus on the flushing of the sea as it swishes in and out through the underlying cobbles, you could imagine yourself lying on some remote exotic location.

Open your eyes and let them take in the splendour of the surrounding mountains, the islands cast in the azure sea and you know you are in an exotic place.

If walking through narrow dimly light tunnels cut into sheer rock makes you nervous, your spirits will rise again once you make in the first breath taking views of the gorge as you emerge from the tunnels.


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Lluc Majorca Island

Lluc has been a centre of pilgrimage since the 13th century. Today pilgrims can stay at Lluc and enjoy the solitude of the mountains.

The monastery of Luc is about 35 km from Soller and a little further from Polenca though the Polenca route is much less arduous and while the road is fairly hair pinned, it is much less so than the Soller route.

Outside the monastery, the pilgrim's path of the rosary leads high above the Bascilica.

The walk takes about fifteen minutes and from the top there is a panoramic view over the monastery and neighbouring valleys.

The Luc monastery has been an important place of pilgrimage from the 13th century right through till today.

During your visit you may be mingling with pilgrims spending a few over nights in the tranquil surroundings of the mountains and monastery.


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