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Port de Pollenca North East Majorca Island

The promenade along the bay - Passeig Voramar - is equally beautiful in the morning or evening - though the morning will be more peaceful.

Port de Pollenca, located on the North shore of the sweeping Bay of Pollenca, skylined by an impressive mountain range is well suited to a luxurious break.

The very sheltered bay is ideal for swimming, the waters are clear with an abundance of fish.

Along the water front, there are numerous restaurants, offering a variety of menus and prices.

Being a port town, seafood is a speciality. Locally caught fish is served fresh daily.

Low Rise
While there are a large number of apartments and resorts catering for the tourist, the town hasn't yet succumbed to the high rise developments of its neighbours in Alcudia and Caen Picafort.

Port de Pollenca has a fine sandy beach which stretches the length of the town. The northern end of the beach is lined with pine trees offering shade against the intense summer heat.


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Cala Sant Vincent Majorca Island

Cala Sant Vincente is about 6km from Pollenca.

It's a small cove (well two small interconnected coves) with stunning views.

Situated in a small cove, with cliffs falling dramatically into the azure sea.

The Cala has a number of restaurants with out looking views of the bay with its crystal clear water.

Unfortunately, in many opinions the Cala is spoilt by over development on the shore line separating the two coves.

Despite this over bearance the Cala is well worth a visit.


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Cap de Formentor Majorca Island

The drive from Port de Pollenca to the most northerly point on the island passes some very stunning scenery.

At places the cliffs are shear dropping down 400m to the sea below.

The Formentor Peninsula drive is 20km long. It starts at north end of Port de Polenca, rises through a series of gently sloping hairpins towards a spectacular viewing point at Mirador de Mal Pas.

Here the cliffs fall dramatically into the sea hundreds of metres below.

The Viewing point is very busy during the high season.

The beach at Formentor is worth a visit.

Whether you arrive by car through the hairpin bends or by ferry from Port de Pollenca or further afield, the beach offers a relaxing time, on its south facing sand, shaded by overhead pine trees.

Beach and Hotel

The beach and its hotel were once the haunt of the rich and famous.

Charlie Chaplin is one of many film stars who stayed in the hotel during the period when outside tourists were excluded from the beach.

Cap de Formentor

Continuing on the road past the beach leads to the Cap de Formentor, a rugged windswept promontory.

The cliffs are home to many nesting birds during the spring.


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Port de Polenca Majorca Island

Port de Pollenca can be beautiful at any time of the year.

As the seasons change, the light and colour over the town reflects off the calm waters of this safe natural bay.


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Pollenca Bay Majorca Island

The road MA2220 runs along the shore of Pollenca Bay connecting Port d' Pollenca and Alcudia.

The bay is about 7km wide and 10 km long, and stretches out into the Mediterranean.

The coastal area along the MA 2220 is often wind swept as it faces directly towards the open sea, though as a result the strip is popular with wind and kite surfers.

A number of surfer schools along the road offer board rental and surfing classes.

The narrow sandy strip along the road can be a great place to cool off during the heat of the summer days.


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Port d' Alcudia Majorca Island

With its km of sea and beach front it is not surprising that Port d'Alcudia attracts millions of visitors a year.

The port area is now a well-developed marina, with many pathways for families to stroll about after a day on the beach.

The bay area is sheltered and suitable for family beach fun.

Beach activities include windsurfing, canoeing, banana boat rides and much more.

As the beach front is so long, there are numerous areas off the beach which cater for the winning and dinning needs of the visitors.

Though there is also a good selection of restaurants up around the port which makes the trip from the more distant hotels enjoyable.


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Alcudia Town Majorca Island

Alcudia Town lies between the beach areas of Port de Alcudia and Port de Pollenca.

Most of the holiday accommodation is along the beach fronts.

The old town of Alcudia is dominated by a defensive wall built during the 14th century.

After some restoration work it is now possible to walk the wall and peer down of the narrow streets and roof tops.

Just outside the town there are remains of a much earlier Roman town - the outline of houses, plazas can be seen.

The Roman town is close to the Church which looks imposing as its set almost into the town wall.

A museum close to the church provides useful background information and displays many artefacts from earlier periods.


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Colonia St Pere Majorca Island

The small town of Colonia Sant Pere has been developed in more recent years and now has a sizeable numbers of holiday homes and villas.

Along the waterfront there are a number of restaurants.

The area is quiet compared to large tourist areas around the island and while sitting in a cafe along the water's edge it's hard to imagine that Can Picafort is only 10km away.

Apparently, the town was originally established after an outbreak of Bubonic plague in nearby town of Arta, when some of the inhabitants left Arta for the relative safety along the sea.


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