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Port d'Andtrax North West Majorca Island

The port is well protected from winter storms by high hills on two sides and the plains of west Majorca on the third.

The fourth side has an open deep channel suitable for larger boats.

The town despite its supposedly reputation as a destination for the richer clientele is still a working port, and you are more likely to see fisher men mending their nets or unloading their cargo of fresh fish than you are to see a film star or some notoriety.

The south side of the port is lined with sea front restaurants and cafes.

The town has a casual and relaxed feel, with a more chilled atmosphere than the busier beach loving towns of Alcudia and Can Picafort.

If you can't stay for the night at least try and sample some of the fish at the fine restaurants by the sea.


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Latitude :39.544559 Longitude :2.387797

Sant Elm Majorca Island

The sea side town of Sant Elm seems to be remote, as you drive the winding narrow M 1030 road from Andtrax over the hills and descend into Elm with its view of the deserted island of Sa Dragonera.

The island supposedly was named due to its likeness to a dragon, though the image of a dragon must have changed in the intervening years as the island, viewed from the mainland looks remarkably undragonlike.

The island is about 6km long and fairly barren, though there is a watchtower which can be easily seen.

The boat men in Sant Elm provide regular trips to the island.

Sant Elm is a quiet sea side resort, with mainly low rise accommodation.

The beach is fine and sandy and at times has great breaking waves crashing along the shore.


Further Reading

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General Geo Co-Ordinates

Latitude :39.580423 Longitude :2.350117

Portal Vells Majorca Island

During the summer months, particularly at week ends this cove is thronged.

Not just with sun bathers on the sandy beach and rocks and swimmers diving or jumping into the azure waters.

But by many pleasure craft which take day trips from the many marinas back towards Palma and further along the coast.

Don't be surprised to find nude bathers on the smaller beach, as this is Majorca's official beach for the topless and bottomless

Further west from Portals Vells you could to the end of the headland which forms the Bay of Palma.

From here there are some sweeping views back towards Palma and across the bay.


General Geo Co-Ordinates

Latitude :39.474432 Longitude :2.521434


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