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Cala Dor South East Majorca Island

The best way to explore the coast from Cala Dor to Cala Figuera, inlets and coves is by boat.

The boat services are regular, turn up on time and even stop enroute for a swim

Cala Dor is really a collection of resort areas that are branded together.

The many coves were formerly fishing villages, but today are locations for hotels and apartments.

Hop on Hop off ferries stop in many of the coves, allowing visitors pick and choose where to spend their afternoons without bothering about hiring a car.

Despite it's over development, one can find some lovely hotels hugging the rocky promontories.

Many of the coves have fine sandy beaches including Cala Gran.


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Latitude :39.371862 Longitude :3.233585

Cala Figuera Majorca Island

Cala Figuera is a working fishing port - full of charm and appeal.

Though the best time to visit is after the ferries have left.

Cala Figuera is still a fishing village, having avoided the excesses of development the village has retained its old world charm.

While accommodation is limited there are some small apartments to rent during the summer.

The village becomes crowd at times during the day as the ferries stop on a regular basis, though many of the tourists soon tire of wandering about and retire to the nearest cafe, awaiting the next ferry.


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Latitude :39.328588 Longitude :3.170586

Cala Dor Coast Majorca Island

The coast line around the area of Cala Dor is rugged, with numerous small coves cut into the natural rocks.

Many of these coves have soft sandy beaches.

Take a ride along the coast and explore some of the coves.


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Latitude :39.318363 Longitude :3.162575

Ses Salines Majorca Island

The town of Ses Salines is worth a lunch time stop - with some fine restaurants.

It is close to the salt pans (hence it name) and the cactus park.

The Salt Pans of cap de Ses Salines and Salines de Llevant are worth a visit if you enjoy driving through open country.

The landscape about is fairly desolate.

A number of the villages enroute have fine restaurants and serve good quality lunches.

The Cactus Botanical Garden has over 400 types of Majorcan flora and 12,000 different cacti.

It is claimed to be the largest botanical garden in Europe and the first in the Balearics.

The beach at Es Tranc is about 4km of soft sand. While it may seem out of the way, it can be fairly packed in summer.

The beach is backed by the Salt plains which are home to numerous species of birds and other wildlife.


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General Geo Co-Ordinates

Latitude :39.338281 Longitude :3.049736

Porto Colom Majorca Island

Porto Colom still retains the charm of a small fishing village - though mass tourism is beginning to creep into the surrounds.

The harbour is well protected, affording a safe berth for numerous small craft and the local fishermen.

The local fishermen moor their small craft alongside the pier and can be often seen mending their nets or unloading their catch of fish, crab or lobster.

Along the waterfront there are some restaurants which serve freshly caught fish.

The small fishermen style houses in the older part of the town make this an attractive place to spend some time.


General Geo Co-Ordinates

Latitude :39.425159 Longitude :3.262751

Drive Across The Island Majorca Island

Leave the beaches behind and drive or take a bus across the island, passed the island's agricultural heartland.


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Latitude :39.623144 Longitude :3.118629


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