New South Wales Video Travel Guides


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1. Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Image

The foothills of the Blue Mountains are only 50 km from Sydney and are very accessible for a day trip or a few days..

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2. Kiama

Kiama Image

Kiama with it's famous blow hole is about 120 km from Sydney and a popular destination..

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3. Fetherdale

Fetherdale Image

Featherdale Wildlife Park, a great place to see and feed Kangaroos..

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4. Illawarra

Illawarra Image

Illawarra is a coastal region south of Sydney with many popular tourist destinations..

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5. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Image

The sea side town of Palm Beach is about 40 km north of Sydney. The beaches have become famous due to area being a setting for "Home and Away".

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6. Port Stephens

Port Stephens Image

Port Stephens lies about 160 km North East of Sydney in the Hunter Region of New South Wales..

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7. The Entrance

The Entrance Image

The Entrance is along the NSW Central Coast where the Pacific Ocean meets Tuggerah Lake..

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8. Byron Bay

Byron Bay Image

Byron Bay is located on the North East tip of New South Wales and is just 100 km south of Brisbane..

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