San Diego Video Travel Guides


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1. San Diego Harbour

San Diego Harbour Image

Located right on the Ocean, San Diego has plenty to offer sea lovers, the harbour has a number of tours, there are ferries crossing regularily to the island and lots more including a WWII Battle Ship.

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2. Promenade

Promenade Image

You can stroll along the walkway and promenade almost from the airport right down to Coronado Bridge..

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3. Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach Image

Coronado Island is just a short ferry ride from downtown San Diego. On the city side there a few sany beaches, but on the Ocean side there are miles of beach with soft white sand...

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4. Downtown

Downtown Image

Visit the Gaslamp Quarter, Horton Plaza and Broiadway..

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5. Ferries

Ferries Image

From the ferries - which arent expensive you can see the city skyline and the low flying planes coming into land..

6. Petco Park

Petco Park Image

Petco Park is an open air baseball stadium in the heart of Dan Diego..

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