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Old Town

Old Town

St. Ives is primarily a holiday destination, though one with an artistic flavour.

The Sloop Inn, along the small quay dates back to 1312 and is one of the oldest pubs in England, though the beer and cider is frothy fresh.

The town has long been associated with artists. The white houses, the moss coated roofs, the nearby cliffs and every changing light have been a magnet for artists from afar.


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St. Ives Town

St. Ives Town

The town of St. Ives caters for all culinary and price pocket tastes.

From the harbour right back through the town there are numerous restaurants and don't forget the bars offer some great food not just cornish pasties.

So wash down your St. Ives meal with some local cider, a pint of bitter or imported wine.


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