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The Ang Thong Marine National Park covers an area of about 100 sq km and includes over 40 islands mostly uninhabited. The spectacular crater lake Thale Nat lies within the park. The park is easily accessible from Ko Samui.

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Crater Lake

The centre of Ko Mae Ko, has imploded leaving a spectacular green water crater lake backed by steep limestone cliffs.

Thale Nai Lake

Crater Lake

The park was a former naval base which opened to the public in 1980.

From the pier there is a climb up to the island top, most of which is now stepped. The view over the bay is stunning, so rest for a bit and admire the view.

When you reach the island top, be amazed t see how the centre of the island has vanished giving way to the limestone green sea water lake.

From the top you can walk down the steps on the inside of the crater to the lake side.

The pier at Ko Mae Ko

Crater Lake

Staying in Ko Samui or Ko Phangan then you aren't far from this amazing island and marine park.

Though you will need to budget 50$ or more for a high speed boat tour.

During the days of the Full Moon parties on Ko Phangan, the tours to the marine park may be curtailed as most boats try to ferry party goers to Ko Phangan.

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The Marine National Park

The marine park has over 40 islands. A number of these are accessible on a day tour from Koh Samui.

Koh Thong Thaeng

The Marine National Park

Most tours will stop here for a break so you can swim from the sandy beach or kayak around the cliffs to the stone bridge an natural formation on the north side of the island under which you can kayak.

Wua Talap Island

The Marine National Park

There is some over night accommodation and restaurants on the island. The island is a popular stopping point for most of the tour, making it one of the busiest places in the marine park.

The marine park headquarters and a tourist information centre are on the island a short distance from the shore. On the island you will be keeping company with Langur Monkeys.

The view from the top of the island is spectacular though the trek up is fairly steep. You can also trek across to the other beach on the opposite side of the island.

While most visitors spend a day in the park, there is plenty to get one interested for a long time.


The Marine National Park

The best coral reefs and snorkelling areas in the park are off some of the smaller islands.

Within minutes of donning a snorkelling mask ( and getting into the water of course ) you will be surrounded by multicoloured fish.

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Boat Tour

High speed boats from Koh Samui and Ko Phanagan take about an hour.

Ko Samui to Marine Park

Boat Tour

Check with the local tour operators on Ko Samui and Ko Phangan and try to negotiate a good price for the Marine Park Tour.

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