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Indian River

The Indian River is about 195 km long lagoon/river in eastern Florida. Along the length of the Lagoon, there are Atlantic facing beaches, which can face the full fury of Atlantic storms and on the protected side there are many tranquil bays and estuaries.

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The Indian River is about 200 KM long. It is more like a long narrow lagoon than a river as it is formed by barrier islands protecting the main land from the Atlantic Ocean.

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30 Seconds

Islet Beach

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Indian River (Florida)

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Cocoa Town and Beach is a holiday destination on the East Coast of Florida. It is easily accessible from the theme park area and hence popular with many families.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Pier

Cocoa Town

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Vero Beach Area

Down river and Just beyond the half way stage, lies Vero Beach. Again it is a popular beach side destination.

Vero Beach

Indian Riverside Park

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Vero Beach Florida

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Fort Pierce

At Fort Pierce, the Indian River has an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean, this has helped the town grow as a trading port. Today, with beaches on both the north and south barrier islands, it is a busy holiday destination.

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Fort Pierce Inlet

Indian River Bridge

Indian River Side Park

Further Reading on Wikipedia : Fort Pierce Florida

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Jensen and Stuart

Jensen is a beach area while Stuart is a town with some nice walk ways and cycle ways.

Jensen Beach


Further Reading on Wikipedia : Stuart Florida

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